Montessaurus Sizing Blocks with Board

Sizing Blocks with Board - Best Green Product for 2013

Sizing Blocks with Board – Best Green Product for 2013


In this activity set we include six Montessaurus shaped blocks and a double-sided wooden board. This exercise is made of solid maple wood, painted with water-based, non-toxic paints, and finished with water-based, non-toxic, wood finish. This product gives children multiple opportunities for interaction. It also presents the user with several levels of advancement which are crucial for child development. The child will be interested in the uniqueness of shape and color as well as the three dimensional form of the imagery demonstrated through this colorful puzzle.


Teacher approved the Montessaurus Sizing Blocks with Board aims to develop visual discrimination of height and size, the ability to match a shape to its proper inlet, concentration and independence, and a sense of beauty for the material. This product works indirectly by helping the child to acquire fine motor skills, to give the child a tactile awareness of shape and a visual awareness of size, and the ability to draw comparisons. The control of error appears in visual and tactile differences.


Watch the video of this activity being performed by our little Montessaurus. Also, please read our clients’ testimonials.


Product Made in the USA. Small parts; intended for children over 3 years old. Recommended age is 3-6 years old.

Board size is 7.5in x 17 in x 0.75in (19.05cm x 43.1cm x 1.9cm).


*Each product has a written presentation format that serves to guide the parent, instructor, and states the recommended age and use of the item. We attach this document with each shipment, but please make sure to also provide us with your E-mail address to receive this printable file. Additionally, please read our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding our products and services.

Price: $68.00 – the price does not include shipping and tax (where applicable)


  1. Aleksandra says:

    Thank you for this great activity! It is an absolute favorite in my house. It was a gift for my children and now it is very difficult to take them away from this toy as they constantly play with it :). Both of my kids are very energetic and usually chaotic but when they are playing with this toy they concentrate on the task…sort it out…match it…try many ways of engaging with it :) They love making up stories about the little dinosaurs!
    I absolutely recommend Montessaurus to parents, children and teachers

  2. My son was very excited when he saw this sizing block set. He could not wait to play with it. He loved the bright orange and deep purple and different shapes of each dinosaur. This toy is made with quality wood and its is painted very neatly on both sides. Each dinosaur is a different shape and he had fun differentiating between them and finding the correct one to fit in its’ slot. It’s nice to see him play with something I would have played with when I was a child.

    • montessaurus says:

      Thank you Mike P! It’s very pleasing to see parents appreciate the product and children playing and learning with it.